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Monday, November 20, 2006

VW Touareg: The Second Chance SUV

Volkswagen took a gamble when they introduced a luxury SUV into the North American market back in 2003. In a sea of competitors, the Volkswagen Touareg had enough competition from the likes of BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, and Mercedes to give VW some heartburn. Indeed, at first the Touareg had some trouble gaining a foothold in a crowded market, but thanks to VW tenacity the 2007 Touareg amply reflects Volkswagen’s determination to propel this SUV forward. Let’s take a look at just what the newest version of VW’s SUV has to offer to you.

Not missing a beat, Volkswagen has updated the Touareg for 2007 to include changes that keep this model competitive. Yes, the standard 3.2L V6 gas engine is gone, replaced with a robust 3.6L V6 that produces 276 horses making the 2007 Volkswagen Touareg a formidable competitor with other luxury SUVs without sacrificing fuel economy. Featuring the shield grille that is now found on all other VW models, the new Touareg has received some other significant changes including:

A Potent Diesel Engine Is Back – The Touareg will once again have as an option VW’s famed twin turbocharged V10 TDI engine. Sporting 308 horses, the engine was pulled from the North American market briefly and reworked to keep up with stringent emission control changes in the U.S. market. Although even stricter controls are coming online in January 2007 that will keep the Touareg diesel out of several states, the diesel aspirated SUV will still be available in 45 states.

Better Braking – Brembo brakes are now standard and the ABS system has been refined to improve braking on soft surfaces. An anti rollover system has been improved for 2007 as well.

Fresh Styling – In addition to the now ubiquitous grille shield, the Touareg is receiving new headlights, taillights, bumpers, hood, and side mirrors.

Inside Refreshed – A new navigation system, an improved sound system, and updated seating keeps this SUV current with other luxury SUVs.

Although at first glance the Touareg’s changes seem to be minimal, Volkswagen says that more than 2300 changes have been included with the 2007 model. With a base price of just over $37,000 the Touareg competes successfully with its BMW and Mercedes counter parts price wise. Yes, by offering bi-Xenon headlights, keyless entry, integrated fog lights, active parking assist, and other amenities the Touareg effectively combines luxury with value, something few sport utility vehicles can ever hope of achieving.
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